Music by invites to dance. Their broad repertoire offers music for every taste.

Su repertorio comprende todos los ritmos latinos mas bailables de:
Cuba y el Caribe : Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Chachachá, Bolero, Rumba, and more.
Columbia : Cumbia, Ballenato, and more.
International hits by famous bands like Gypsy Kings, Juanes,
Carlos Santana, Maná, Ricki Martin, and others.
The casting of the band is flexible and depends on the organizer’s requirements. Depending on the organizer’s wish and type of event, José Miranda charms your audience solo, duo, trio …or with all nine members of his band.

For events such as: concerts, festivals, balls, weddings, open-air events, private parties, business parties, hotels, bars, clubs and more.
The following listings are part of the repertoire by :
Enjoy DEMOS of (MP3 01 minute last)
CD José y su Pachanga    
 La Pachanga (Merengue- Jose M)
 Yo vivire
 Por si acaso no regrese
 Quiero Salsa (Jose M)
 Mas que un amigo (Cumbia- Jose M)
   Salsa con coco (Jose M)
   El derroche (Bolero- Jose M)
   Me Libere (Salsa- Jose M)
   Marcando la distancia
   El Idiota (merengue)
   Guantanamera (Jose M)
   Las Avispas (Merengue-Jose M)
   Dos dias en la vida (Bolero- Jose M)
CD Románticos bailables    
 El Embrujo (Cumbia Jose y Lupo)
 Obseción (bachata Jose y Viky)
 Ajena (Merengue- Jose Miranda)
 Un Montón de estrellas (Salsa-Jose M)
 Quien Cura el corazón (Cumbia- Jose y Lupo)
   Hoja en blanco (Bachata- Jose y Viky)
   El Encumbiao (Cumbia- Jose M)
   Cuando volveras (Bachata- Jose M)
   La camisa negra (Pop Latino-Jose M)
   Que levante la mano (Cumbia- Lupo)
   La duena del Swing (Merengue- Jose M)
CD José Miranda Baila Morena    
 La Parranda The big Party
 La Ventanita merengue
 La Canoa Rancha cumbia
 Llora llora corazón cumbia
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